UML Object Diagrams

UML Object Diagrams display UML Objects including their properties, inputs, outputs, and interconnections.
Uml2hdl Objects are highly configurable HDL functional blocks that are instantiated from a palette of UML Classes

Features of uml2hdl UML Object Diagrams:

  • UML Class Palettes
    • UML Classes provide standard HDL functional blocks. 
      • Highly configurable for wide range of functionality
      • Thoroughly verified to ensure behavioral accuracy
    • VHDL or Verilog source code can be imported as a HDL Class
      • Allows existing code to be utilized in uml2hdl designs
  • Configurable UML Objects
    • Each UML Object includes a set of tagged values
      • Tagged value assignments determine the object behavior
      • Easily specified from drop-down lists of variants
  • Links
    • Links specify interconnectivity between object inputs and outputs
    • Each object input is assigned a link expression
    • Link Expression
      • Can consist of a single object output
      • Can include multiple outputs, operators, and constants
      • Specified with VHDL or Verilog syntax
    • Expression Editor makes expression entry quick and easy
      • Select outputs, operators, and constants from tabbed panels
      • Expressions can be entered with mouse - no typing required.