UML Statechart Diagrams

Specialized behavior not supported by existing UML Classes can be modeled using UML Statecharts.

Uml2hdl Statecharts Support the Following UML Terminology:

  • State: a discrete stage in the statechart's lifecycle.
  • Transition: a path from one state to another
  • Guard: a boolean expression that controls whether a transition is enabled
  • Action: an expression that assigns a value to an output of the statechart

Uml2hdl Statechart Editor Features :

  • Drag and drop instantiation of States and Transitions
  • State Properties Editor to specify:
    • State Name
    • State Actions
  • Transition Properties Editor to specify:
    • Transition Guard
    • Transition Actions
  • Support for composite, hierarchical states
  • Flexible HDL code generation
    • Binary or one-hot architectures supported